December 27, 2009


Today is Day 1 of Project 365.

What is Project 365, you say?  It is a public group of fellow photographers (amateur and professional) joined together through Flickr, a great photography site.  The concept is simple - take pictures every day, but you can only submit 1. Then repeat....for 364 more days. 

I shoot almost every day, but committing to this was not easy.  I procrastinated.  What will I submit? Will I have a theme? What if it's not interesting or clever enough? Do I take portraits, self-portraits, or stick with nature.  What if I don't have enough time?  What if I don't stick with it?

Then I lost my camera. 6 months have passed and.....I just bought a new camera (Canon Rebel T1i). I'm insanely jazzed about it (but actually don't know what the hell I'm doing, really).  So....I figured now is the time.

DAY 1 OF PROJECT 365!!  I was nervous about doing this, so I finally decided to go for it. So, here's my first shot at it..... The wonder of Christmas. Yes, it's 2 days after Christmas, but my Camellia Christmas tree has magically produced a little bird. Joy!

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