February 21, 2010

DAY 55 - A true Empire

Saturday was spent on a whirl wind photo shoot with one of my best buds, Adel. She's as obsessed with photography and food as I am. We had a killer Diner breakfast on the Upper East Side (our waiter's nickname was Grumpy, aka Alec. He was hysterical). Then took the L train to Morgan Avenue in Brooklyn, took hundreds of pix, then popped back down to the subway to Bedford Avenue and explored Williamsburg. This shot was taken of the Empire State Building from Williamsburg, a very artistic, funky cool neighborhood.  We got a little hungry and had amazingly delicious soft tacos from the Endless Summer taqueria truck. These were seriously gourmet tacos made with perfect corn tortillas.  My mouth is watering now. Then, back to Manhattan and ended the night with a fabulous Italian dinner at Rughetta's complete with Chianti and Limoncello.  Enjoyed every second, Every moment.  Flying back to LA tomorrow.  Peace everyone.

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  1. Sounds like an amazing day! I think Jeff used to live in Williamsburg...


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