March 3, 2010

Day 63/365 - Outta time

ran outta time today, folks. in bed, looking at pix and realize, holy shnikes, i didn't take any pix. so....tonight, i give you:

a pic of a pic on my mac while gettin' ready for a nap. zzzzzzz time for beddy bye.  tomorrow will be more interesting, i promise. 

p.s.the image here is of morgan avenue subway stop in brooklyn during my recent trip to NY. go here for more NYC goodness

Brooklyn images on FLICKR

p.s.s. i would also like to point out that i took the time to google "holy shnikes" to see if there was actually correct spelling of this saying. i spelled it correctly and guess who's quote it is? chris farley. i loved him. total goober, dork funny love bug.  black sheep, anyone?

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