April 19, 2010

113/365 - My 1979 version of Project 365

When I was a teenager, I wrote in my diary every day for 365 days. I kept that up for years actually. This beauty is circa 1979. Many days, 1 page was not enough, so I would write more on scrap paper, then paperclip it to that particular day. An excerpt, you ask? I shall pull a quote from April 18, 1979 in honor of today's 365:

....." I have bad news about Drama class. I don't have the lead part in Westside Story anymore. We took votes if we wanted to do it or not and I voted No, cause nobody was really trying. So, now, Janice and I are out of Westside Story and need to find something else to do......."

Funny thing is, what I wrote then versus what I remember now is different. On top of that, Janice, my partner in Drama crime (yes, we're still close friends 30+ years later) has another version stuck in her head. Strange thing, our minds, eh?

113/APR 18

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