May 10, 2010

133/365 - Princess Leia

133/365 - Princess Leia, originally uploaded by LCSTRAVELBUGGIN.
This is Princess Leia, aka my close friend, Lisa Rosenberg. Lisa and I met in college in a speech class in the 80's. She's always been full of character. Today, she dressed as one and rocked it. For her son, Bob's 4th Birthday party, she created a fabulous Star Wars world (in their backyard) complete with meteor rocks (galactic surprises wrapped inside tin foil), light sabers and a custom made Star Wars Pinata. I'm still wondering if the kids had as much fun as the adults? Check out Lisa's hilarious blog and sign up so you can enjoy her wry sense of humor daily:
 Smacksy - Because Family is Funny

133/May 8

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