June 11, 2010

164/365 - June 10, 1979

164/365 - June 10, 1979, originally uploaded by LCSTRAVELBUGGIN.
An excerpt from my diary on June 10, 1979:

"It got up to 103 degrees today. I rode my bike to Janice's and swam all day. It was great. Then we went over to my cousin's and swam at night. It was fun."

As a kid living in sunny Southern California, our summer's delivered day after day of 100 degree weather. Our answer to that was WATER. Swimming all day in your pool (if you were lucky enough to have one), your friend's pool, your neighbor's pool, your relative's pool (or a stranger's pool - yes, my buddies and I jumped a few fences). Better than the pool, was the beach, but getting a ride wasn't always possible!

OK that's the end of my 1979 Summer Swim Report.

I can't wait until Summer comes.....I'm ready for some heat.

164/June 10

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