October 3, 2010

264/365 - Miracles do happen

264/365 - Miracles do happen

I grew up in a music filled household. My Dad, Paul Sjolund, is a composer, pianist, conductor. When I was a kid, I fell asleep to my Dad composing on the piano at night (yes, he was a night owl composer). He's published hundreds of songs over the years. Michael Crawford called and visited my Dad once. Subsequently, Michael Crawford's CD "On Eagles Wings" included my Dad's arrangement of Eternal Love. Anyways, bottom line is that the last year has been tough, to say the least, with my Dad's health. So, it is a miracle to our family, that he was able to conduct the choir (beautifully) at La Canada Presbyterian Church on Sunday, Sept. 19. :-) Hopefully, there will be more music to come.

264/SEP 19

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