October 11, 2010

275/365 - my Great Grandmother was a Fashion Maven

My Mom and Aunt have been going through boxes of old treasures from the past. Amazing photo albums, diaries, and more dating back to 1899. This is my great Grandmother's receipt for several dresses custom made by a French tailor in London. Here's a recap of what she ordered:

- Black Satin Gown on silk trimmed with lace sprays of chiffon
- Tweed Dress, cherry silk, black & gold braid buttons
- Blue silk dress with spotted voile overdress

Total cost? GBP17.17 (about $26.00!!!). Unreal. Anyways, I just got back from London and saw the Grace Kelley - Style Icon exhibition at V&A Museum. So, I've included that in the photo.

275/SEP 30
(sorry for the multiple posts these days - I'm still trying to catch up from being out of town!)

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