October 13, 2010

279/365 - Face to Face

279/365 - Face to Face, originally uploaded by LCSTRAVELBUGGIN.

These days, there are so many ways to communicate, it's crazy. Text, Email, social media, webinars, webcam conversations, Instant Messaging, etc etc.. Still, when it comes to business, face to face meetings are crucial. With budget cuts and searching for ways to be more effective with the money that's leftover, your travel budget will inevitably be scrutinized. Fear not, there's hope. A new study by Oxford Economics, a global research firm, shows evidence that business travel directly leads to an increase in both corporate revenue and profits. The study found that every dollar invested in business travel results in $12.50 in added revenues and $3.80 in new profits. So, when you're creating a strategy for getting new business or strengthening partnerships you depend on, make sure that face-to-face meetings are a key part of your plan, Stan.

279/OCT 4

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