July 30, 2010

213/365 - Random act of kindness

A few weeks ago, I was away on a business trip when my best friend was kindly taking care of my dog, Libby. During the walk, Libby swallowed a chicken bone within a nano-second. Without going into every drama detail, total panic ensued and every second counted. She couldn't breathe and they couldn't get the bone out. Appearing literally out of nowhere, a young man pulled up to the curb and asked if help was needed. YES! Thanks to this angel's appearance, a vet was found, an emergency procedure was accomplished and Libby lived. Her heart had almost stopped, tongue blue, not pretty. The Vet said it was a close call.

Libby is now bouncing around, happy as a clam, as if nothing ever happened. That's only because Justin (aka angel) acted fast and reached out to a stranger. A random act of kindness saved my dog's life and my friend's future (I would have killed her). :) Just kidding.

I hope to meet Justin soon and thank him from the bottom of my heart for stopping his life, to save someone else's (even if it was a furry life).

P.S. Do you think Libby knows? Regardless, I've ordered a muzzle.

213/July 29

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