July 31, 2010

214/365 - Polenta and Meatballs

13 steps to a delightful Friday night dinner at home:

1. Great friend picks up meatballs and sauce at an Italian joint nearby.
2. Great friend brings Polenta in a box and makes it on stove in less than 10 minutes.
3. Dish up & Enjoy.
4. Talk Lots.
5. Make Dessert (Vanilla ice cream + home made Biscotti) & enjoy immensely.
6. Talk More.
7. Say Hasta La Bye Bye!
8. Walk the Dog.
9. Brush Teeth.
10. Jump in Bed.
11. Let dog in bed with you because she's staring at you really cutely.
12. Project 365 upload.
13. That's All Folks!

214/July 30

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