August 31, 2010

242/365 - Future Folks

242/365 - Future Folks, originally uploaded by LCSTRAVELBUGGIN.

My friend, Janice (buddies since we were 13), started teaching a new class of 2nd & 3rd graders this week. They're around 7-9 years old. Remember being that age? I wonder what they'll be like? What will they write? What will they learn? Who will they be when they grow up? Teachers play such a huge role in all of our lives. I had some great teachers in my day. I still remember some of their names:

- Mrs. Hefflefinger (sweet)
- Mrs. Klass (kind)
- Mrs. Hughes (smart & sassy)
- Ms. Steadman (not nice, but she taught us how to square dance while wearing wallabees in a skirt. That counts for something.)
- Mr. Petersen (wonderful history teacher and also taught me how to drive).

My Mom was an elementary school teacher for 35 years. She instilled the joy of learning in me. It's still an important part of my life, every day. I'm so grateful for that.

242/August 28

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