September 26, 2010

259/365 - Worth the Wait

259/365 - Worth the Wait, originally uploaded by LCSTRAVELBUGGIN.
Back in May 2009, I was in London and bought a pair of the coolest vintage frames at Klasik Eyewear in the Spitalfields market (one of my fav places to shop in London). All I had to do next, was send my prescription, then they would make the glasses and ship to my doorstep in L.A.. But.....I never sent the prescription. Months passed. Next thing you know, 1 year and 4 months have passed! Fast forward to September 14, 2010. I emailed the info. they were waiting for as if time never passed. They remember me. They make the glasses and send to my hotel in London. I receive and yelp with happiness. They're perfect. How's that for customer service? Hmmmm, now what's the next pair?

Check out Klasik at and East London here East London shots on Flickr

259/Sept 14

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