November 29, 2010

331/365 - ROAD TRIP

331/365 - ROAD TRIP, originally uploaded by LCSTRAVELBUGGIN.
My Mom and I did a little road trip over Thanksgiving from San Luis Obispo to LA to visit my lovely cousin, Lori and her family. On the way, just looking out and soaking in the beauty of the California coast was medicine to my soul. We never turned the radio on. We talked or just watched the rich colors of vineyards, beaches, rolling hills and cows, horses and farms blur by. Sharing stories of the past, it reminded me of how full life is. How it is chock full of good times and bad. Laughter and pain. Kind patience as well as tempers. Fabulous Ups and dreary downs. It's all there for the taking. The good, the bad, the ugly. We all persevere and grow day after day. It's all good, but it's not always easy. I still can't believe the Holidays are here. This song, I Remember, by Deadmau5 just hit my sweet spot:
331/NOV 26

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